Wednesday 17 December 2008


Ripall Clip

Luke Murphy 360flip !!

Ripall thanks Luke Murphy for this 2 years of fun , laught and ripping!!
Clip by Aaron Martin.
Thank you lads.

He did it for the milf anyway...we all know it

Bloody Luke!!

Cle "a live and unplugged video" premiere photos

Antiz video for Frame Skateboarding Video Magazine

Nomad Advert

Honza Minol , Bigspin FS Blunt

(clicky to enlarge)

Tuesday 16 December 2008

Cork skatepark 1st Week

The park looks scarily small.

Does anyone want to dig the hole wider tonight?

Monday 15 December 2008

KOTC Videos and Awards

KOTC showcasing and prizegiving will take place this year at the Concept bowl in Belfast this saturday 20th of December.

Skateboarding related tomfoolery:
Highest sticker on wall ride
Texas Death match
Drinking and maybe some naked chicks
if not Cian Eades will do his best.

RipAll Distribution donation is on the way! :

If you can visit the big smoke , do it!
As Kellz says , That bowl is feecking sick!

It´s a pitty The Black Bath (Irish skater band) can´t play due to the absence of two of its members , anyway Jay Dords assures some good metal from the 80s to the 90s.

Thursday 11 December 2008

It´s on!

Mr Barry O´Sullivan sent us again a comforting text:
"Good news folks,Cork skatepark started today , 15weeks to completion date,Holla!"

I couldn´t believe it so i decided to lead an expedition to the Mardyke area.

James Whelton , Olliewood skateshop webmaster got an email from the county council,
this will be the exact location of the skatepark:

For more details check Olliewood webpage or join the forum

Nicky was so happy that he decided to put OLLIEWOOD skateshop sign

The coolest building in city center will be fully open on the week-end.
Dharma´s Deli will open its doors on friday,healthy and unique fresh food.

Don´t miss it!
27 Marlboro street
Cork city

Ground floor : Dharma Deli
Sushi, Bento Lunch boxes, Vegetarian food,Party Platters,Daily fresh soups, Wraps, Cakes
Tea & Coffee

1st floor : Olliewood Skateshop
Cork´s only skateshop
European brands
Price leader

2nd floor : SmilyDogg Tattoo
Professional custom tattoo
Body Piercing


C u there!

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Mind the spot

join the "mind the spot" army!

Ripall Dist would like to create an Irish Skate Atlas with every single good skatable spot in Ireland.
Don´t be local and share your "second houses" with the rest of the skate scene.

Send us your info please!

Pics and details will be handy.

Friday 5 December 2008

The Cork Skatepark Neverending story is..........ending?

It seems that Cork skaters dream is becoming true.
After few years of "negociations" Freestyle is coming to Cork next week to start the Mardyke skatepark.
The citycouncil must be tired of seeing us skating at the ledges by Gran Parade...

(clicky to enlarge)

Thank you Barry for providing the info.

This skatepark is not gonna be the only one being built in Cork...
There´s an indoor skatepark project on the way aswell.

Keep tuned for more info!!

Sweet and wet dreams everyone!
Joey Brezinsky

16 pages pro spotlight on Transworld skatemagazine

You will be able to check his new footage on Cliche´s new video "Cle"

Peter Horvat

Nomad new advert

Limerick expedition

We didn´t get to skate the park cos of the ******* rain
but Brian C. let us stay at his miniparadise.

Roof,hot tea and loads of fun!

Few shots from Ray

Sam Perkin

Luke Murphy

Thank you bro!

Brian Corscadden

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Cork & the quest for the holy fecking footage

After numerous efforts Cork night rider A-bomb managed to make work his HD rocket launcher.
Back on the road! Footie coming soon!

Luke Murphy 360 flip over the footpath or sidewalk , as u want.