Friday 30 January 2009

Clé Cork Premiere

I was cooking my pasta speciality when someone knocked at the door.
I wasn´t expecting anybody so i carefully checked through the curtains if the TV license inspector was outside .
It was my neighbour instead, very unusal cos we didn´t have any party last night.
he was standing in front of the door with a cliche parcel in his hands,ups delivered it at his place by mistake!

Ripall in association with Olliewood skateshop and Fokai Ireland will do
Clé premier on the 8th of February at the Brú
(MacCurtain street, Cork)
D.J. Reggae music , BBQ , spanish beers and shots for people wearing pink panties.

there are 19 copies left ,run!
15 €

The Scrum Tilly Lush

Phil Evans is gonna release "The Scrum Tilly Lush" a super 8 film that explores several European city's scenes. Available soon @ Olliewood skateshop Featuring Love Eneroth in Stockholm, Conhuir Lynn & Denis Lynn in Belfast, Wieger in Amsterdam, Lennie Burmiester in Berlin, Daniel Lebron & Vinnie Bressol in Barcelona, Nick Jensen in London, Soy Panday & Vivien Feil in Paris, Al Collins, Wayne Gallagher in Dublin, Janne Saario in Helsinki, Per Magnusson in Malmo & Wainwright in Bristol.

Teaser # 1

Teaser # 2

Teaser # 3

I Like it

Alaikit is the 2nd full dvd of this basque brand,
Friends , skateboarding and fun is their philosophy.

This is the best way of fighting against piratery, giving the movie away for free!

Enjoy another HD production:

Download the movie here

Pimp your ride , Van city is close

Join the caravan of love

Hopefully Cork Kiddies skatepark will be finished!

More info : BoGGinzine

Cle introduction

The man behind Cliche talks about Cle

(clicky to enlarge)

Wednesday 28 January 2009

Olliewood Skateshop Sale!

Reduce to clear!
Pay us a visit

Olliewood skateshop 27, Marlboro Street.
Cle !

The latest cliche video is on its ways!

Keep tuned for the premiere in Cork
Available at Olliewood skateshop 27, Marlboro Street.
(New Spongemetal and Olliewood webpage coming soon)

Reserve your copy,give us a buzz.
Nicky 0876494933


Andrew Brophy

His Latest edit for DVS

Interview @

Chill 10 Barcelona

Edit from Reuben Shortt

Saturday 24 January 2009

Rain is driving us crazy

Rainy week-end

We are nearly there...

Gravis IV Skateboarding

Gravis SD version of their first IV team : Arto Saari, Dylan Rieder, Steve Forstner
and Javier Mendizabal.

Some extra footage from Javier Mendizabal

Antiz Skateboards

Sam Partaix Joins the Hobo army

maxi's mini from Hobologist on Vimeo.

Greg Dezecot filmer and friend of the Antiz hobo army provided this little clip, enjoy it while it´s raining!!

Last but not least , Winter at NOMAD´s Warehouse

Thursday 22 January 2009

Cork Skatepark 7th week

The park is looking better.

Pour more concrete please!

The quarters and the flatbanks are smaller than they looked on the plan though.

Hopefully the adjustments proposed will be considered.

Monday 19 January 2009

7th day

well lads , the trip is finished...

Yow (spanish connection) Mast and Shimy left their mark at the skatepark concluding a crazy and tiring tour.

(clicky to enlarge)
The rest had a "wig session"

Big Thanks to everyone!

Keep tuned for clips and some more pics!!

Saturday 17 January 2009

6th day

beers at the sk8park. Two men lost in battle.

A-bomb decided to sleep at the skatepark, we pick him up right now.
Keith woke up somewhere in Alicante and got rescued by a random man who took him to his flat for a shower and a cuddle ( Friends for life )
They are now safe.

A wild night a late start to the day but non the less another adventure....

This afternoon Mast and Shimy went to do some shopping... :

And we went back to Alicante skatepark to have a BBQ and some beers.
(no one got lost this time)

Nicky 360 flip

Friday 16 January 2009

5th day

Sam Perkin is already in ireland.
Hola amigo!
Barryos is on the way to Dublin, he went wild last night and he missed the flight to Shannon.
Buena suerte!

Tonight we go out!

4th day

It´s hard to keep updated the blog.
This tour is sick...
ask luke and willy

Valencia swift visit:

City of arts and science

"plaza del chino" mannie pad

Valencia new skatepark

The new park wasn´t even finished ,it was cover in Plaster dust but we didn´t really care.
We climbed the fence and we skated till we had enough, the guard didn´t show up,he probably fell asleep that night

A-Bomb contemplating the skatepark

Sam mayday

From quarter to craddle

Jono ripping the craddle with ladders in the way

Cracked base + spine drop in = bail

3rd day

Cought epidemy!

Luke is sick .

strict diet, pasta with cheese and salami!

Meanwhile , somewhere in Alicante :

Jono Flip front board
(clicky to enlarge)

At night time we went for a walk to the top of a mountain.
The fucking spanish police showed up but left straight away when they realised we were a group of weirdos drinking beer a wednesday night in the middle of no where.

2nd day

Alicante street ripping

broken board

Team Grab