Monday 24 November 2008

Crazy in Cork

Despite the abscence of most of the "veteran skaters" the competition turned out to be a great success.
KOTC and hangovers made them stay at home,but the new blood didn´t miss the comp!

The park was totally wet when we got there but some redbulls and a couple of mops did the job

The band Snowman Played during the comp and cheered up everyone

improvised skater band

Some free stuff to drive everyone crazy

Under 13 : Jerry / Dermot / Connor

Under 16 : Sam / Shane / Alex

Sam Frahill ( 1st ) was the Ripper of the day

(click to enlarge)

Over 16 : Barry / Sam / Dave

Barry front tail

flip backtail

Sam back smith


Front smith


Front blunt

Dave backlip to 5-0

Olliewood Skateshop owner , Nicky o´keeffe checking the ledge before delighting us with a sweet noseblunt

Thanks to Tony from Incide surfshop for all his help!

(click to enlarge)

When the park got dark and the kids went to bed we needed some extra lights
Why not put fire on the rail?

Our Firestarter Imy
Best trick on the firerail , Barry, Perfect crooked grind first go.

Kickflip Sam frontboard
Ptay! backboard

Thanks to Ray o´neil and Jacek Pokojowczyk for covering the event.

Sunday 16 November 2008

Rail on Fire!

Not that soon!

SkateDublin strikes back

Skatedublin webpage is back and as they say , for good.

Check it at :

Fisty, Timmy Nolan ,Sam Byrne
Gav, Marc, John Kiernan

Saturday 15 November 2008

Team Resession K O T C ´08

Failure of a mission:

Trying to get some footage for the kotc we headed to Killorglin,
the weather didn´t help again.
Anyway we decided to move our sore asses and we skated some rails on the way.

Not the best pictures,not the best weather and definitely not the best ground!

Luke warming up
Frontlipslide just in case...
Back smith
pic Ray o´neill

Barry Board to fakie
pic Ray o´neill

Charles Heelflippic Ray o´neill

Bail? why not , Team Resession Posse!
Results of landing on sand paper concrete

More footy coming