Friday 27 February 2009


MIXTaCULAR from Sean Nguyen on Vimeo.

Sean Nguyen:

"Thomas Gade, doin' tons of lines; Emil Osterby, this is your going away present; Adrian Barwell Trouve, the roomie; Dario Philips.... i forgot one of his lines; Alana Paterson, the beauty amoungst us beasts; Sean Nguyen, me; Keith Allan, our asthmatic smoker; Stefan Zanette, who is still ripping; Jordan Hoffart, who came out for a day; Laurence O'keefe, heart of gold; Daniel Lober, the photographer, good ol' Charlie Neilson, jumpin over bins, Dave Wallace with a one hitter, a guy named Hubert, and some kid from Norway.

A little video edit, we compiled all the footage we got in the last 4 months and made a little vid, good friends and fun "

Wednesday 25 February 2009

♪♫ 46664 That's my number ♫♪

Nice remix

Toots and the Maytals - 46664 That's my number

46664 was Nelson Mandela's prison number when he was incarcerated on Robbin Island, Cape Town for 18 years.

46664 is a global movement fighting against HIV/AIDS in Africa and around the globe and MUSIC is a key element of the 46664 campaign.

In 2003 Jacqui Joseph (TV Presenter & Director of GHC Productions) was asked to host the first "live" Nelson Mandela 46664 Concert at Green Point Stadium in Cape Town with an audience of 40,000 that was broadcast globally and on the internet to 2 Billion people.

Jacqui provided her services for free and interviewed all the artists performing at the concert including Beyonce, Bono, The Edge, Peter Gabriel, Dave Stewart, Brian May, Roger Taylor, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Angelique Kidjo and did the voice over for the official 46664 DVD.

As a result of her charity work and involvement with 46664 Jacqui and all involved in the campaign became official Ambassadors to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Although a number of years have passed since Jacqui fronted the first big 46664 music event she now feels the time is right to re-energise and raise the public awareness and profile for the 46664 campaign.

In order to do this, Jacqui asked Max & Andy (remixer/producers) to come up with a fresh musical anthem & video for the 46664 campaign.

In 2006 Max & Andy completed the track and video and the result is:


46664 (That's my Number) combines samples taken from Nelson Mandela's inaugural 46664 speech in 2003 over dubbed onto an infectious re-mix of pop, ska and reggae classics.

The 46664 (that's my number) video includes images sampled from the first official 46664 DVD and live concert shot in 2003 as well as original clips filmed for the GHC Productions video.

The 46664 (That's my number) is available FREE to stream (it's our way of giving something back and raising awareness for this important campaign) and if you like what we have produced then please pass it onto your friends and family.

Why not visit the 46664 web site and donate some time and money (like we did) in helping to try and rid the world of HIV/AIDS.

Last but not least we'd like to extend a big 'Thank You' to Toots & the Maytals, James Last and Symarip for their inspiration for this track....enjoy


Saturday 21 February 2009

Andrew Brophy - Skate of the year

The 2009 Slam Skater of the Year awards took place at The Beach Road Hotel, at Sydney's Bondi Beach on Thursday February 19th.
It was taken out by none other than the Western Australian powerhouse Andrew Brophy.
This 23 year-old has had a massive year with extensive international coverage, officially joining the
DVS Shoe and Fourstar Clothing teams and dropping an amazing last part in Cliché's "Clé" video.

He picks up $5000 prize money thanks to Red Bull, plus a Slam Skater of the Year board and medallion. Congrats Brophy!

more pics

Redbull Interview
Making of the Cliche Video "Clé"

Red Bull: Hello. Just watching the new Cle video, and read your mission statement. More emphasis on the music then on the high techniques of the craze cameras. Who originally came up with the concept to focus more on the real/live music of the video?
Cliche: The concept came up when we reviewed the team footage last summer, Jeremie and Junior started throwing ideas together and we thought it would be a little different than our previous dvds.

RB: How did Dani Labron come about as being the muscian for Lucas and JB's part?
CLE: Junior has filmed in Barca a bunch with JB and Lucas for Lakai so Jesus would always be around with Dani and his guitar. Lebron had never recorded anything and was keen to work on this when Junior asked. Jesus was meant to sing but backing up on the second guitar was just as cool. Those 2 are the coolest cats for sure and good mates with JB and Lucas so it made sense to have them open up Clé and the French Connection. Espana!!!

RB: As for most of the video, was the music made first, then edited to? Or had your video edited, then you brought the musicans in to play the music to it? How did this all play out?
CLE: It depends , Dani and Jesus flew up to Lyon to record their song and film the intro for 2 days back in October. The intro is live with footage but then the JB/LUCAS part cuts into a studio recording to give more depth to the song. Flo Mirtain's song by Coming Soon is a live recording that Fred used and edited on. For Javier, Ricardo and Cale's song, that was a live recording at the local bar Le Voxx at 9am, Jeremie had a little trouble drinking beer that's for sure. Charles part by Duracell was live also. The other tour parts, Joey and Brophy were done as usual. We got the green light from the bands and Junior edited to the music. Doing the whole video based on the live concept would have taken too long especially when we wanted to premiere Clé in December.

WELCOMENEWSFLO.jpgRB: You guys have a new am now. Where is Flo Mirtain from? How did you guys get to discover him? If you were to sum his personality up in 5 words, what would they be?
CLE: JB pretty much brought Flo to us a year ago and its definitely worked out. Hes from outside of Lyon but lives here now. He just got on DVS and MATIX Europe too. He's a calm,humble,stoked, motivated and perfectionist.

RB: How were each band chosen? Did each rider kinda choose, or did you guys work with bands that you already knew, and just worked with that?
CLE: Junior knew a few local bands, Fred produces all the stuff for Coming Soon and then tried our luck with groups we didn't know but were stoked to be involved.

cale_football.jpgRB: Working the video parts in order, it looks like Cale Nuske is a lot healthier and is skating great. Give me a typical Cale quote that one would overhear being on tour with him?
CLE: Its not often I m on tour with him but when he s in Lyon, he s always down for anything and never complaining. He had a final knee surgery just before our footage deadline back in Oct so now he sback in full force and heading to the States real soon.

wheeloffortune.jpgRB: The Wheel of Fortune is a great demo idea, seems like such fun, I wish I had that as a kid. I saw Mustache, some spinning then ollie game and just a plain be out. What were the other selection categories? Where were all the demo's you guys did?
CLE: The Wheel of Fortune tour was broken down in 2 X 15 day missions. Demos were more like sessions at the local spot,skateshop or skatepark with Jeremie spinning the wheel for product with the kids interacting with the team. The feedback we got from all the skateshops involved was amazing. The Wheel wasn't too tricky, the catagories: Wheres Lucas from? Do a crail. Do a kickflip. The kid next to you gets the board. Draw a mustache. What's the first Cliché video called? Spin ten times then ollie. Who is the American? Show us your board etc...

lp_mustache.jpgRB: Any complications in making this video?
CLE: Timing is always tough to respect but Junior pulled it off for the December 5th premiere in Lyon. We had to reprocess some Super 8 transfers after the premiere which delayed the dvd release by 2 weeks but that's really it.

RB: Andrew Brophy is your new pro. Congrats to Andrew for this! Exactly how tall is Andrew, and how many beers have you seen him consume in one night?
CLE: Brophy is the man. Tall enough and more beers than you. Look out for Brophy and Charles debut pro boards in April.

jb_jojo.jpgRB: Unless its sa secret, what are all the bonus features?
CLE: No secret there, just click on the Clé de Sol logo and you ll see a Coming Soon music clip Fred did, a mini session with everyone well into their bottle of wine on the Wheel tour, Olivier's slideshow from the premiere night in Lyon, a SUPER 8 clip Jeremie filmed when we were in the US for the last tradeshow and a couple more things...

RB: Last question: Have you ever seen anyone hurt by Joey's teeth, especially when he smiles?
CLE: Nah, good old Joseph only brings those things out when hes smoking ciggies or drinking Irish car bombs...

RB: Thanks for the interview guys :) and please visit

Some Footie

Brophy is on DVS, fo’ real!

(info : slam , kingpin, redbull, cliche, dvs)

Thursday 19 February 2009

Skatan Rules

busy, busy

We did some more work at the ghetto spot.
It´s looking better!

We couldn´t skate it yet so we went to woodies to have some fun.

Martin, Ollie over footpath

Frontside ollie

He tried to get some extra speed.

But Tellyhead´s car was faster than he expected!

Retards ...

Stupid harassment in Milton Public skatepark (Florida).
It´s worth a watch.

(Furnished by smurf)

Tuesday 17 February 2009

Cork Ghetto spot

We found a ghetto spot with a lot of potential!
Keep tunned , footage coming soon!




Aaron Sweeney on Antiz

Aaron Sweeney , the new antiz kid, is in Lyon getting ready for the south tour.

Some footage from Lyon´s mini.

Aaron SWEENEY from Le JEUNE on Vimeo.

Brian C.

Brian Corscadden latest footage @ Stall Limerick

De Paseo


A walk around Alicante, from the skatepark to the sea.
Nice video edited by Alejo Palacio.

Some of you might recognize it.

Sunday 15 February 2009

Olliewood 2nd game of skate

Olliewood did its second game of skate last friday.
2 categories , under 19 and over 19.

The committee forgot to bring pen and paper so we improvised.

Sean won under 19

and Fedge cheating won over 19, nobody realised it, ha.

Here you have a little edit of the final

Sam vs fedge

Edit by Charles Neilson (the infamous)
Sorry if you get dizzy

Saturday 14 February 2009

Premieres photos


Nicky , Sam , Barry and Mark
yeah yeah

I had to take a photo,they really insisted.
What a couple!

Cork Skatepark 11th week

Sorry lads, i have been a bit busy,the rag week is driving me crazy.
Here you have a couple of pics,the hubba ledges look good.

(clicky to enlarge)

(clicky to enlarge)

Grannies rules

Happy week-ends!

Pamela Anderson is getting old , but she is always down for a good ride!

Friday 13 February 2009

Slave new webpage

Check Slave skateboards new webpage!

Nice edits and nice skate.
Some Conhuir Lynn Footage.


Stall Limerick

Reuben Shortt from Limerick started another blog to kill time.
Keep an eye on his edits!

Mount Kenneth Act 1

MountKenneth from ReubenSSC on Vimeo.

B & B
Brian Esmonde and Brian Corscadden