Monday 30 November 2009

Piracy is good

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Friday 27 November 2009

Unit 13 expedition

Tuesday morning. The usual factors had yet again reared their ugly head; the rain, (lack of) money and time. Sitting at Maxol at nine in the morning with the rain already pelting down on the windows wasn't the greatest outset and on top of that we were faced with the dilemma of financing the cost of 13 hours of petrol between the four of us. It could have all ended abruptly with a modest 'let's just leave it.' It was Luke's reminder of the merits of slasher grinds that swayed our decision.
Smurph face

When we eventually arrived at the park we were solemnly met by closed doors, darkness and you guessed it - more rain. We waited like children counting down the days to Santa for six o'clock to arrive and when it did we literally sprinted towards the park knowing full well we could be the only skater's in Ireland getting a skate for the night. Inside the door we were greeted by the almost perfect mini-ramp.

Sam ollie to fakie

Knowing full well that we had four hours to skate Ireland's only indoor skatepark we all sessioned the park to it's fullest. I could bore you with trivial details of Luke getting a rock n' roll first go on the mammoth quarter pipe or Sam's endless back crail stall's on the mini-ramp. But I think that all goes without saying.

Sam crail to fakie

The drive home from Belfast was simply awful. We all spent the night trying aimlessly to keep awake. At points on that drive home I'm sure we all would have traded everyhting for a sleep on a bed. Most people we told seemed to think we were insane for travelling so far in one day's skate. It's only when you return to the norm that you think how it was all worth it. It sounds really clich├ęd writing this but I really don't think it can be finished any other way.
Go travelling with your friends and bring your skateboard. There's really nothing better.

Luke attempting back noseblunt


Words by Smurph.

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Happy Friday

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Happy Birthday Shane

Richard Gilligan Exhibition footage

A short video documenting Richards Gilligan,s `Timeline` exhibition. `Timeline` is an exhibition of documentary photographs about skateboarding in Ireland by Richard Gilligan. The video shows the set up and opening night of the show including a purpose built mini ramp being ripped by Irelands best. Enjoy!

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Monday 9 November 2009

Session at Brian's

Brian's mini tribute
Rip in peace

Sam , Luke , Timmy , Shane , Barry , Charles ,Jose , Brian & friend